Welcome: Structured Environment Ltd.

Written by BCCJ
February 7, 2014

Written by BCCJ
February 7, 2014

**We are delighted to welcome Structured Environment Limited as the newest Entrepreneur member of the BCCJ!**

Structured Environment is an award-winning consulting engineering practice established by Alan Burden in 1998. The firm operates out of offices in Tokyo and London.

A message from Structured Environment Limited: 

We have now designed over 850 buildings in the two countries, ranging from small houses to large office and public buildings. We have also been involved in furniture and bridge design. Our structures have used the full range of materials – steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, glass, and structural fabrics.

Our clients are private house owners, developers, corporations, and public bodies. By working with owners and other members of the design team from an early stage, we try to unlock the latent potential within each project to allow clients to realize their aims through more efficient, economic, and elegant structures.

For building structures in Japan seismic load is obviously one of the most important design considerations. Our wide experience of designing structures throughout the country means that we can make a vital contribution to building confidence when the feasibility of investment and development schemes is being considered.

We have also undertaken a wide range of structural assessment and retrofit commissions on existing structures. Conceiving viable and economic means to reinforce existing buildings to bring them up to current standards and safety requirements, or to reconfigure them to meet current needs, requires both deep knowledge of the engineering issues and sensitivity to the spatial and usage requirements.

We are fully licensed as engineers and architects in both countries. The Japanese office is registered as an ikkyuukenchikushijimusho with Tokyo metropolitan Government. Alan Burden is one of very few non-Japanese to hold both the structural engineer and architect licenses in Japan.

The firm has been awarded many prizes over the years and was shortlisted for the UK Institution of Structural Engineers Award in 2010. Alan Burden received the top prize in Japan for structural engineering design, the kouzoudezainshou in 2010. He is the first Briton to have received the award.

The company’s website can be found at www.structured-environment.com


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