Welcome: Sasuga! Communications

Written by BCCJ
September 26, 2014

Written by BCCJ
September 26, 2014

Sasuga! Communications helps business professionals build their confidence and communication ability through two service lines: training and translation.

A message from Sasuga! Communications:

Yorkshire lass Helen Iwata founded Sasuga! Communications in 2013, pursuing her passion for helping people make a difference, and building on her 20-year background as a translator, trainer, and manager in Japan.

Helen developed her training expertise through train-the-trainer programs with McKinsey & Company, Dale Carnegie Japan, and several client companies, as well as through ongoing research of communication-related topics and her experience helping clients of various nationalities, ages, professional positions, and levels of confidence and ability.

Sasuga! Communications offers group workshops and individual coaching sessions at client locations and at our facility in Ginza. Popular topics include presentation skills, meeting facilitation, leadership, and teamwork. Sessions are held in English or Japanese or both – whatever best meets the clients’ needs.

While Sasuga! Communications specialises in Japanese-to-English translation, we have a deep understanding of overall translation difficulties and extensive connections in the industry, resulting especially from active participation in the Japan Association of Translators. At a recent BCCJ breakfast, two attendees mentioned to Helen their organisations’ struggles to find good-quality, cost-effective translators, and this is an area in which we can offer insights.

Helen is a 4th-dan black belt in karate and practices kobudo (ancient martial weapons). She has more enthusiasm than you can shake a stick at and looks forward to getting to know the BCCJ community!

You can visit www.sasugacommunications.com for more details.


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