Welcome: Impact Innovation Japan LLC (IIJ)

Written by BCCJ
December 13, 2021

Written by BCCJ
December 13, 2021

The BCCJ is delighted to welcome Impact Innovation Japan LLC (IIJ) as our newest Entrepreneur member.

IIJ currently provides 3 services:


Building bridges between Japan and Israel

IIJ provides Japanese corporates with opportunities to invest in the Israeli startup ecosystem in areas such as water, food, agriculture, mobility and digital twins.

Israel is known as a pioneering startup nation, where there is a mindset to be proud of failures. Fail early and in many ways to succeed sooner. We believe that there is a lot to learn from this in order to accelerate sustainable innovation.


Building bridges between Kobe and the rest of the world

IIJ has been participating in The Kobe Global Startup Platform as a mentor that provides free mentoring services for startups growing from Kobe, Kansai or Japan aiming to go global – and for global startups interested in doing business in Japan via Kobe City.

The program started in August 2021 and will continue until the end of March 2022.
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This program is operated by Innovation Dojo Japan (IDJ) on behalf of Kobe City.


Impact Investing around the world

IIJ invests in startups which focus on making a sustainable impact globally. There are currently 15 startups in our portfolio. One is in Japan, and 14 are overseas (4 in Africa and 10 in Europe and US). To share a few examples, we have invested in a startup with Soil Carbon Sequestration (SCS) in South Africa, FoodTech in Ghana and Fintech in Nigeria and Kenya.

We have also invested in startups innovating areas such as advanced hydrogen energy, 3D bioprinting of human tissues and organs, and AI/Machine learning platform for financial institutions. Recently these 3 startups have got acquisition offers and 2 of them will exit early next year. IIJ will continue to seek out and invest in startups that tackle various climate change issues and bio-diversity loss.

Please contact us via Impact Innovation Japan LLC: https://www.iij.global