Welcome: Hobgoblin

Written by BCCJ
October 11, 2012

Written by BCCJ
October 11, 2012

We are delighted to welcome Hobgoblin as the newest Entrepreneur member of the BCCJ!

Hobgoblin’s business centres on importing British food  and beverages to the Japanese market – supermarkets, restaurants and bars – with a portfolio that includes a variety of brands from Scotland, Wales and England.

The company is now the No.1 importer of cider to Japan, having introduced to market Strongbow as well as the ‘super-premium’ brand Aspall Cyder. Malt vinegar and Branson baked beans are two of the Hobgoblins most popular food imports.

Mark Spencer, President and CEO of Hobgoblin, is looking forward to bringing another British favourite to Japan, “following ten months of negotiations with government ministries, the creation of a new recipe to suit Japanese regulations, and an educational advertising campaign for Japanese consumers, British sausages are due to arrive in the coming weeks”.

Hobgoblin pubs are now considered the most authentic British pubs in Japan, offering an extensive range of award-winning ales, lagers and ciders, as well as traditional British food and hospitality at its best.

100% British-owned and managed, the first Hobgoblin British Pub and Restaurant opened its doors in Tokyo’s Akasaka business district in November 2000, in association with the Wychwood Brewery. The second pub opened in 2002 in the entertainment area of Roppongi, the third in 2004 in the shopping district of Shibuya, and the fourth in 2008 in the southern port city of Kobe.

Food menu

Drink menu

Ahead of the competition in modern ideas and innovations, the Hobgoblin pubs screen some of the best televised sports coverage in Japan, boasting over 50 channels.

Each pub has genuinely British characteristics and is popular with both Japanese and expat communities alike.

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Visit the Hobgoblin website: http://www.hobgoblin.jp/Home/tabid/90/language/en-GB/Default.aspx