Welcome: Globalization Partners

Written by BCCJ
December 1, 2021

Written by BCCJ
December 1, 2021

We are delighted to introduce you to our newest BCCJ member, Globalization Partners, a global employment technology company recognized as a market leader for its providing trusted expertise in automation technologies, innovation and Employer of Record matters.


About Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners makes it fast and easy for companies to hire anyone, anywhere, within minutes, without setting up subsidiaries via its legally compliant global employment platform and AI-powered user experience. Trust the industry leader with 98% customer satisfaction.


Globalization Partners: Succeed Faster

You can leverage their innovative platform to hire the best talent in the world and remain ahead of your competition.  Globalization Partners can simplify global business growth. Its technology puts international workforce management at your fingertips with a global presence across 187 countries.

Through their global employment platform designed to simplify your workflow, you can manage entity access, payroll, time and expense management, benefits, data and reporting, performance management, employee status changes, locally compliant contract generation, and more.


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Please do reach out to the team at Globalization Partners via their website to learn more about how they can support your organisation.