Welcome: Global Perspectives K.K.

Written by BCCJ
July 12, 2016

Written by BCCJ
July 12, 2016

***Delighted to welcome Global Perspectives K.K. as the newest Entrepreneur Member of the BCCJ***

With cross-border M&As increasing, and Diversity & Inclusion high on the agenda for many companies, organizations are consciously bringing together diverse talent with the aim of harnessing the much-hyped power of diversity to drive innovation and growth.

However, simply bringing individuals from different cultures, groups and backgrounds together is not enough. Without the right environment, training and ongoing support, these efforts often amount to little more than an expensive and disruptive mistake – the infamous Daimler-Chrysler M&A failure is a classic example.

After many years working for large corporate training providers, founders Gavin Dixon and Tove Kinooka combined their varied and extensive business and corporate training experience to set up Global Perspectives KK to help organizations integrate and leverage their diverse human resources for international success.

Global Perspectives specializes in working with international teams, current or future leaders, inbound and outbound expatriates, and local staff both overseas and in Japan.

At the core of everything we do is our unique ACE model, which put simply is a holistic approach to both our client relationship and how we work with participants.

From a client perspective, we take great care to ensure that we (and HR) are fully aware of the participants’ needs and situation, before working together to co-design and deliver a solution that will deliver the desired training outcomes and maximize the company’s ROI.

For participants, we start by building awareness of self and others to set the foundations of a global mindset, then develop skills and confidence through practical, real life situation-focused workshops. The final and perhaps most important of all these steps though is the follow-up, in the form of coaching and/or our innovative Learning Journal. This supports participants in actually implementing new learnings into their daily business practices and behaviour, and ensures they remain motivated and are accountable for their progress.

Through this combination of thorough early preparation, tailored solutions, and ongoing support, Global Perspectives equips individuals, teams and organizations with the tools and confidence they need to succeed in the fast-changing and volatile world of global business.

We are delighted to be members of the BCCJ, where diversity and international relations are such prominent and important topics. We look forward to meeting other members and hearing about your diversity and international business experiences and challenges.

For more information please visit our website: www.globalperspectives.biz

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