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Written by BCCJ
July 19, 2015

Written by BCCJ
July 19, 2015

Equity X was founded by Akio Kurata, and is an in-house M&A advisory company established in Japan. They focus on the revitalisation of local rural economies, and strive to connect foreign investors and companies to these often difficult markets.

Letter from founder and CEO Akio Kurata,

How many places in the photos have you been to? From left to right, you can see Matsushima in Miyagi, Iwami Silver Mine in Shimane, Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka, and Ise Grand Shrine in Mie, where the next G7 summit will be held in 2016. Like all of these four sites attracting people from both within Japan and other countries throughout the ages, some priceless companies are located away from hub cities and in local areas.

Japan in the near future will have to cope with an unprecedented aging society. According to  research conducted by the government (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), the population was c.127 million in 2000 but will only be c.100 million in 2050 and c.90 million in 2060. Furthermore, the aging rates (% of those over 65 years old) will be c.30% in 2025 and c.40% in 2060. These percentages will be the highest of all G7 countries. In addition to thses problems, young people living in small or middle-sized cities often move to larger ones when they enter universities. Some of them do not go back to their hometowns after graduation. How will a local business survive?

We would like to raise an example, Tsu city in Mie. The city entered economic partnership agreements with Agence Régionale de Développement Paris Île-de-France (in France) and Office de Promotion des Industries et des Technologies (in Switzerland) in 2012, which empowered the local Japanese companies in collaborating with foreign-based companies. Overseas companies began to regard items made by local manufacturers as possible components. Moreover, MAG-ISOVER K.K. (the Saint-Gobain Group) has decided to build a new plant (JPY 15 billion) in the city in 2011 and will hire c.100 people in 2015, which will contribute to the local industry. Consequently, a partnership with an overseas company is key to the revival of a local economy.

However, the many barriers present often make it difficult for overseas companies to establish relationships with Japanese companies. Thus Equity X Inc. provides in-house M&A advisory services and can break such barriers as language, local market practices and provide financial expertise. We can assist in your inbound projects as one of your team members. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and visit our website.

Best regards,

Akio Kurata

Founder & CEO


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