Written by Sam
September 11, 2013

Written by Sam
September 11, 2013

We are delighted to welcome CHATEAU SCHOOL, Inc. as the newest Entrepreneur member of the BCCJ!

CHATEAU SCHOOL, Inc. operates CHATEAU SCHOOL – a “new concept” international school for children from 0 to 12 years old, founded in 2011.The school’s mission statement is “to educate children on the value of diversity and multiculturalism through extraordinary modern-world, real-life experiences”. The objective of CHATEAU SCHOOL programmes is to inspire children to become pioneers of the future, creating and shaping their own global visions. In 2012, the school’s curriculum was featured on one of Japan’s national TV stations, cited as a successful exponent of “Advanced Early Education”.

The CHATEAU concept was designed by Rina Bovrisse, the first female executive to lobby the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights on gender issues in the global fashion industry, and diversity issues in Japan. Bovrisse also provided support to Hong Kong’s Legislative Council and Law Makers to change IPO regulations. In addition, she featured as a “Heroine of the Global Economy” on Bloomberg in 2011, and selected as “Female Icon Of The Year” alongside Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni in a Spanish newspaper in 2011. 

The CHATEAU programme, monitored by nominated global professionals and updated on a monthly basis, is based on 2 concepts.

Introducing: World Diplomacy, Multi-Languages, Superior Academic, Montessori, Real World, and Organic Lifestyle.

“LIFE IS HAPPY: DESIGN WHO YOU ARE BEFORE 12 YEARS OLD”Offering a variety of activities, inviting masters and live artists to the school; offering exclusive access to unique places such as the Secret Tea Room, Space Center, Embassies, the UN Library, design showrooms and cultural heritage sites.

The school offers a 100% organic-power juice bar in the morning, and an organic hot lunch served at noon by an Italian chef. Bovrisse plans to expand the school globally, so that small children can travel around the world on a an exclusive, international programme.

Visit the CHATEAU SCHOOL website: http://www.chateau-school.com/