Welcome: Airbus Japan KK

Written by BCCJ
November 4, 2015

Written by BCCJ
November 4, 2015

***Delighted to welcome Airbus Japan KK as the newest Corporate Member of the BCCJ***

Airbus Japan KK is a fully owned subsidiary of leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus. It manages the relationship with airlines, industrial partners and other key stakeholders in Japan.

Japan is a key market for Airbus, as an important customer base, industrial partner and source of aircraft financing for airlines worldwide.

Today, the Airbus customer base in Japan includes All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines,  Starflyer as well as the recent low cost carriers in Japan including, Jetstar Japan, Peach Aviation, Vanilla Air, and AirAsia Japan. In the fast-growing low cost sector in Japan, Airbus enjoys more than 90 per cent market share with the best-selling A320 Family.

In addition to the airline market, Airbus aircraft have proven to be popular assets with aircraft leasing companies around the world including Japan. The Japanese financial market remains a key partner for Airbus in providing innovative and competitive financing to airlines. The Japanese operating lease and banking market is a strong contributor to Airbus delivery financing.

In the area of industrial collaboration the Airbus relationship with Japan dates back more than 25 years. In this time some around 20 major Japanese companies have joined Airbus aircraft programs, providing high-quality products and services. Today, Japan supplies parts valued at about $1 billion per year for Airbus Group and Airbus aircraft.

A350 Premium Class

Research and Technology is another area for cooperation between Japan and Airbus.  Forging ties between Japan and Europe benefits both sides as a way to diversify and strengthen its own industrial cooperation.

Looking to the future, Airbus will seek to increase its presence in Japan with the world’s most modern, comprehensive product line, ranging from 100 to over 500 seats: the single-aisle A320 Family; the wide-body long-range A330 Family; the all-new next generation A350 XWB Family; and the flagship A380, which cover every segment of the airline market.

Dedicated to assisting airlines enhance the profitability of their fleets, Airbus also delivers a wide range of customer services in all areas of support, tailored to the needs of individual operators.

The company helps shape the future of air transportation and drive sustainable growth around the world. As an industry leader, Airbus seeks to ensure that air transport continues to be an eco-efficient means of transport, delivering economic value while minimizing its environmental impact.


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