UKTI-BCCJ Collaboration Initiative

Written by BCCJ
October 15, 2013

Written by BCCJ
October 15, 2013

From BCCJ President, Alison Jambert

We have created a special news section on our site named UKTI-BCCJ Collaboration Initiative to provide news and updates on an exciting new development which could greatly benefit the BCCJ and its members.

This new section provides links to articles from the latest edition of Acumen magazine by Sue Kinoshita, Director of Trade and Investment at the UK Embassy, and by myself, BCCJ President Alison Jambert, which explain what the initiative is all about. It also highlights the most recent developments.

Please be sure to read these articles, and to check this new news section of the site on a regular basis for updates. While this initiative is at a very early stage, with many obstacles to overcome, it is potentially one of the most significant developments in BCCJ history.

UKTI-BCCJ Collaboration Initiative:

This new section is dedicated to explaining and providing regularly updated information on the UKTI-BCCJ Collaboration Initiative.

In summary, this Initiative could allow the BCCJ to join other British Chambers of Commerce around the world in taking over certain UKTI responsibilities, while providing new business services which could benefit Chamber members.

Over the past month, this Initiative has created a whirlwind of activity at the BCCJ. There have been three key developments:

  • First, the BCCJ received an invitation from UKTI to join Wave 2 of the UK Government’s Strengthening Overseas Business Networks (SOBN) programme. This programme, already rolled out in a number of major UK export markets, aims to build the capacity of British Chambers of Commerce to provide export services to UK companies.
  • Second, after due consideration, the BCCJ decided to respond with an expression of interest, subject to approval of funding for a comprehensive scoping study to determine if the Chamber is in a position to take advantage of the opportunity and if so, whether it should do so. We also set up a dedicated Collaboration Initiative Task Force to manage the process.
  • Third, after only a brief delay, UKTI gave approval in principle to fund the scoping study, opening the way for us to proceed to the next step.

To fully understand the issues and what is at stake, please go to these articles from the latest edition of BCCJ ACUMEN magazine:

  • “Eye on Expansion” – Sue Kinoshita, Director of Trade and Investment at the UK Embassy HERE
  • “Opportunity Knocks” – BCCJ President Alison Jambert HERE

And, read about the UKTI’s approval for funding of the scoping study HERE

We look forward to keeping members up to date with further developments. Whenever you have questions about this initiative, please email [email protected] and we will be sure to respond.


Don’t miss the news, read more on the UKTI-BCCJ Collaboration Initiative (new section on BCCJ website) HERE