The Economist Events – Japan Summit 2014

Written by BCCJ
March 5, 2014

Written by BCCJ
March 5, 2014


BCCJ members are invited to attend a summit on the impact of Abenomics. The Economist Events will host its Japan Summit 2014 on April 17 at Hotel Okura Tokyo.

Event Description from The Economist Events

“More than a year now of “Abenomics”—in particular, a radical monetary policy—hints at a new Japan. But doubts remain about whether Shinzo Abe’s promises of a new direction will bring lasting and meaningful changes to Japan.

It is the purpose of this Summit to match it against reality. Japan Summit 2014 will explore Mr Abe’s and other competing visions for re-energising the country. The Economist Events annually convenes a summit to survey Japan’s pressing issues and timely opportunities across its economy, politics and society.”

Andrew Staples, Director, The Economist Corporate Network, Japan
Dominic Ziegler, Asia editor, The Economist

Business leaders, policy makers, academics and observers will survey Japan’s pressing issues and timely opportunities across its economy, politics and society at Japan Summit 2014, part of the award-winning country summit series from The Economist Events.


  • Tomomi Inada, Minister in charge of Administrative Reform and “Cool Japan” Strategy
  • Kunihiko Miyake, President, Foreign Policy Institute, Research Director, Canon Institute for Global Studies
  • Nishihama, Chief Economist, Dai-Ichi Life Research Institute
  • Takeo Kikkawa, Professor, Hitotsubashi University, and Member, Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy
  • Yasuyuki Kuratsu, Executive Director, Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment
  • Jesper Koll, Managing Director and Head of Japanese Equity Research, JP Morgan
  • Kosuke Motani, Chief Senior Economist, Japan Research Institute
  • Roderick Lappin, Vice President, Lenovo Group, President, Lenovo NEC Holding
  • Takatoshi Ito, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, and Member, Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy
  • Xiao Minjie, Economist, SMBC Nikko Securities
  • Hiroaki Kitano, President, Sony Computer Science Laboratories
  • Akihiro Sawa, Director General, the International Environment and Economic Institute

For programme, prices and and speaker updates please visit Japan Summit 2014 website.