The BCCJ Executive Committee Election (2013-2014)

Written by BCCJ
April 19, 2013
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Written by BCCJ
April 19, 2013
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One of the most competitive elections in our history

In recent years, we have enjoyed a number of great successes at the BCCJ.

Membership has continued to rise. Attendance at our high-quality events continues to grow. More and more members have come to appreciate the value of the connections that membership can bring. And now we are delighted to say that more and more members wish to get involved in helping to run the chamber!

Under our constitution, the Executive Committee is run by a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 individuals. At this year’s AGM on April 25, there will be a total of 19 qualified and approved candidates competing for Excom seats, creating one of the most competitive elections in our 65 year history.

Now members have the chance to get involved by voting for the 2013-2014 Executive Committee!

Election ballot papers have been sent out, together with AGM information. For the first time ever, candidate statements and photos can be viewed online – and there will also be an opportunity to meet candidates at the BCCJ Annual General Meeting on April 25.

Members are encouraged to complete ballot papers in advance and hand them over when arriving at the AGM (although it will still be possible to complete the paper on-site).

Members who cannot attend the meeting are asked to return ballot papers to the BCCJ office by no later than 1700JST on April 23 (Tues). Proxy voting is also possible.

There is perhaps no greater measure of success for the BCCJ than the desire among more and more members to play a part in further enhancing the value of the Chamber.

We look forward to receiving member votes!


2013-2014 Executive Committee Election BALLOT PAPER (members only)

Information on candidates CANDIDATE PROFILES