JR Central’s Matsuri Restaurant

Written by BCCJ
July 9, 2013

Written by BCCJ
July 9, 2013

Upon its 20th anniversary, Matsuri St James’s welcomes BCCJ Members and friends!

It has been said that one of the core pillars of ‘Abenomics’ is the export of Japan’s Shinkansen to the global market. What is less known is that BCCJ member company Central Japan Railway Company (JR-Central), which represents the world-renowned high-speed rail operating system, has already exported a Japanese restaurant to the UK . . .

Established in 1993 in the heart of Mayfair, London, Matsuri St James’s opened as a partnership between JR-Central and Kikkoman, the world leading soy sauce manufacturer. The restaurant introduced not only traditional Japanese food such as sushi and tempura to the UK’s capital city, but also at that time a new style of Japanese cuisine aimed at bringing the Japanese eating experience closer to Londoners’ hearts: teppan-yaki. In teppan-yaki, fresh fish, meat and vegetables are cooked on an iron grill by a master chef, directly in front of customers, drawing out the natural flavours of the ingredients.

As well as a delicious array of teppan-yaki food, Matsuri offers customers a range of premium sakeselected from top breweries in Japan, as well as crisp wines from all over the world. To complete the experience, the Fireball Ice Cream is a must-try for dessert: by pouring brandy onto ice cream, a huge fireball is created, and then served on a pancake with grilled pineapple.

At Matsuri’s sushi counter guests can enjoy the experience of Japan’s national food being prepared in a matter of seconds before being presented beautifully on their plates. Matsuri’s head chef explains, “because to the Japanese, appearance is equally as important as taste”.

Matsuri was proud to be appointed the sole official caterer at the London 2013 Olympics for Japanese athletes and the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) and prides itself not only on serving top quality food, but also offering “The Heart of Japanese Hospitality’.

Members of BCCJ are cordially welcomed to visit Matsuri. JR-Central would like to support the member-to-member business success as well as offer weekend family dining experiences, by extending the best of genuine Japanese cuisine and hospitality in London.

Matsuri St James’s
15 Bury Street,
London SW1Y 6AL

BCCJ Members Special Discount

– Matsuri St James’s would like to offer BCCJ members a 10% discount on first visits.

– During July and August 2013 the discount will be increased to 20%. An advance reservation is necessary for this special offer; simply state you or your organization belongs to the BCCJ.

– From your second visit, by signing the corporate dining program, you will continue to receive 5% discount on your business dining and entertainment, as well as 10% discount for private use.

Please visit http://www.matsuri-restaurant.com/index.html for the restaurant details.

Chairman of JR Central speaks at BCCJ Event HERE