Join “Street Rugby in Nihonbashi” on July 5

Written by BCCJ
May 15, 2015

Written by BCCJ
May 15, 2015

BCCJ members, friends and families are invited to enjoy “Nihombashi Street Rugby” on one of Tokyo’s busiest streets.

On Sunday, July 5, Nihonbashi’s Sakura Street will transform into a pitch, where adults and children can play short games of Street Rugby.

The BCCJ is supporting this inaugural event, organised by The Nihonbashi Neighborhood Association & Chuo Rugby Football Union, to promote Tokyo’s staging of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Olympics & Paralympics.

Players from at least ten different countries are expected to join, and there will be an after-party festival featuring international stalls.

The BCCJ is interested in hearing from companies who might want to get involved with this event.


  • July 5 2015
  • 0900-1500 (after-party from 1500+)
  • Nihombashi Sakura Street
  • Reception desk: Nihonbashi Plaza Building (South block at Sakura Street)



1. SPONSOR the event on July 5

2. PLAY at the event on July 5

3. VISIT the event on July 5


1. SPONSOR the event on July 5

Please email [email protected] to find out about sponsorship opportunities.

  • Cash sponsor
  • Stall holder
  • Donate merchandise to BCCJ / UK stall

Full details on


2. PLAY at the event on July 5

1 team = 3 players

Team options:

(i) COMPETITIVE – Good for those who have played rugby before and rugby enthusiasts

a. Masters A: Teams wishing to play a competitive game of Street Rugby.
Adults and children mix, or children only.
Team has to include at least 1 primary school child.
Mixed gender teams welcome

b. Masters B: Teams wishing to play a competitive game of Street Rugby.
All adult team
Mixed gender teams welcome

(ii) SOCIAL TEAMS – Good for beginners 

a. Social A: Teams wishing to play for 2Fs (Fun, Friendship).
No competitive element.
Must have at least 1 child unless whole team is aged over 60.
There is no upper age limit.
Mixed gender teams welcome

b. Social B: Teams wishing to play for 2Fs (Fun, Friendship).
No competitive element.
Good for teams who wish to expand their social, business, and community networks with Chuo-city residents.
All adult team 
Mixed gender teams welcome
Business cards must be exchanged before the games

>> How can I sign up?

– Register your team (of 3 people) on this application form (English), created by the event organisers.

– Email your completed form to: [email protected] by May 31 at 1700.


3. VISIT the event on July 5

  • July 5 2015
  • 0900-1500 (after-party from 1500+)
  • Nihombashi Sakura Street


What is Street Rugby?

Street Rugby is played in public streets, making the sport to be more accessible to players and spectators. It is easy to play and has just three players per team.

Watch a video of Street Rugby in action



The Nihonbashi Street Rugby website includes:


– the rules of the games
– details about practice events ahead of July 5

Details in Japanese

Street Rugby Facebook Page


This event was featured on the front page of the Asahi Shimbun, in April 2015: