GSK Goes Platinum

Written by BCCJ
May 23, 2012

Written by BCCJ
May 23, 2012

“Do more, feel better, live longer”

We are delighted to welcome GlaxoSmithKline K.K. (GSK Japan) onboard as the newest Platinum member of the BCCJ.

GSK has a challenging and inspiring mission to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. To realize this vision, GSK Japan supports people’s health and well-being through its business in prescription pharmaceuticals, vaccines for disease prevention, over-the-counter (OTC) medication and other consumer related healthcare products.

GSK’s heritage company, Shin Nihon Jitsugyo K.K., a pharmaceutical import operation, was established in Japan in 1953, meaning that GSK has been serving Japanese society for almost 60 years.

In 2011 industry listings, GSK Japan ranked 9th in terms of pharmaceutical sales, and currently supplies drugs to almost 23 million patients every year. GSK Japan’s pharmaceutical sales in 2011 amounted to 2.318 billion GBP, an increase of 28% from the previous year.

GSK has been a Standing Board Member of Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA) since 2011 and Chairman of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) in Japan from 2012.

About 3,500 employees work for GSK Japan – among which, 1,900 are medical representatives, stationed throughout the country, who deliver pharmaceutical information to medical professionals. The second largest team is the R&D division, with about 700 people involved in bringing new drugs to, and meeting unmet medical needs within, Japanese society.

GSK is the market leader in 5 disease areas: asthma, depression, herpes infection, allergic rhinitis and migraine. In recent years the company has entered new areas such as oncology, and urology, as well as opened up a new era for vaccines, having been the first to introduce a cervical cancer prevention vaccine “Cervarix” and, earlier, a pandemic flu vaccine. In 2011, GSK also launched a new vaccine, “Rotarix”, for the prevention of rotavirus gastroenteritis in infants – the first vaccine of its kind in Japan. Both Cervarix and Rotarix are imported from Belgium.

GSK has also an established presence in HIV/AIDS treatment through the activities of its group company, ViiV Healthcare. In the field of bio-pharmaceuticals, GSK holds a 25% of share in Japan Chemical Research (JCR) of Japan.

In consumer healthcare, GSK’s main business areas are OTC medication and Oral healthcare including famous brands such as Contac, AquaFresh and Schumitect.

Number of approvals in Japan

GSK Japan is an industry leader in pharmaceutical approvals, with 69 approvals being granted from 2000 to January 2012. Supported by a powerful pipeline of projects in late stage development, the company aims to maintain this leading position for years to come. This strong activity and output allow GSK to benefit first from the new National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) system implemented from 2010 for a trial period.

Community partnerships

The devastating East Japan earthquake of 2011 left physical and mental scars that will take years to recover. Since immediately after the incident, GSK Japan has initiated and participated in multiple recovery efforts and tackled the reconstruction issue from a variety of angles and in collaboration with a number of groups. These efforts include the provision of: financial support (corporate and employee donations); medical support (product donations in prescription and consumer products); physical support (Team Orange activities, including the delivery of emergency supplies and volunteer activities); and mental health support (supporting Kokoro no Kizuna project and specific disease awareness activities), and more.

In autumn 2011, GSK also started a scholarship for university students studying pharmacy in the Tohoku area, using money raised from a reduction in electricity consumption through the summer months.

GSK also supports Fukushima Indoor Park for children who wish to play outside but are prevented from doing so due to the health risks posed by the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

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