EU Referendum – The Outcome

Written by BCCJ
June 24, 2016

Written by BCCJ
June 24, 2016

Information on the BCCJ website regarding the results of the EU referendum is based on live coverage of the polls by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). 

Yesterday, 23 June 2016, the UK voted in a historic referendum on whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union – or leave. This is only the third nationwide referendum in UK history and comes after a four-month battle for votes between the Leave and Remain campaigns.

An estimated 46,499,537 people were entitled to take part in the vote – a record number for a UK poll.

Polling stations closed at 2200 BST. The sealed ballot boxes are being collected and transported to the final count venue for each of the 382 local counting areas.

These represent all 380 local government areas in England, Scotland and Wales, plus one each for Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. Individual areas’ results will be declared throughout the night, along with results from 11 regional counts.

Depending on how close the poll is, the result may become clear before the final national result is officially declared by the Chief Counting Officer, who will be based at Manchester Town Hall.

The Electoral Commission estimates a final result “around [UK] breakfast time” on Friday (around 1600JST). An official statement will be issued by Prime Minister David Cameron soon after.

Statement from the BCCJ

BCCJ President David Bickle said:

International investors in the UK, including the many Japanese corporations that have made such an important contribution to Britain’s thriving economy, will be closely following the results of yesterday’s referendum. We believe that, as long-term stakeholders in the UK, regardless of the outcome, they will continue to manage their businesses based on a careful analysis of the opportunities that modern Britain provides, and that they will continue to recognize the broad-based and enduring appeal of the UK as a vibrant investment destination.

BCCJ Just for Fun Poll

The results of the BCCJ’s recent “Just for Fun” EU Referendum, an anonymous poll conducted between June 1-13 among BCCJ members regardless of nationality, can be viewed on the BCCJ website HERE.

Follow the news on the EU referendum on the BBC HERE

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