BCCJ secures Government funding to promote Rugby and Tokyo 2020 business opportunities

Written by BCCJ
October 27, 2014

Written by BCCJ
October 27, 2014

(Japanese follows the English)

The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) today signed an historic agreement with the UK Government to help UK companies secure business from the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Tokyo Olympics / Paralympics 2020.

Under the agreement, between the BCCJ and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), the BCCJ will join a global network of British business groups around the world that are working in tandem with government to support British exporters.

The BCCJ’s goal will be to deepen its relationships with Japanese organisations and companies with the aim of securing business openings for UK companies in connection with these sporting events. UKTI will provide seed funding to facilitate this, with the initiative ultimately becoming self-sustaining.

The agreement was signed in Tokyo on behalf of the UK government by HM Ambassador to Japan Tim Hitchens and on behalf of the BCCJ by President David Bickle, in the presence of Lord Livingston, the UK Minister of State for Trade and Investment.

Ambassador Hitchens said, “This Embassy has long enjoyed a close relationship with the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan. It is a highly effective partner representing the interests of British business in this demanding but rewarding market. This agreement will allow us to intensify our collaboration and leverage the legacy of London 2012. I am convinced it will ensure that we maximize the opportunities for British business as Japan prepares for its own major sporting events. “

David Bickle added, “The BCCJ’s core mission is to promote and support the business interests of all our members, British, Japanese and other nationalities. This landmark agreement will enable us to pursue our mission with new resources and renewed energy and vigour.”

Lord Livingston said, “The British government has set a target of increasing global UK exports to £ 1 trillion by 2020. The Overseas Business Networks Initiative represents a business-government partnership that can help to deliver against this ambitious aspiration. I am delighted that the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan has become the latest group to join the Initiative, and look forward to working with them towards our respective 2020 goals. “

The signing ceremony was witnessed by invited members of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai Doyukai), one of Japan’s leading national business associations.


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About the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Established in 1948, the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) is an exceptionally active and ever-expanding private membership organisation serving over 750 members. Open to members of all nationalities, the Chamber offers high-value events, productive networking and promotional opportunities , valuable information services, and access to influential individuals and institutions.

Our mission is to strengthen business ties between the UK and Japan, promote and support the business interests of all our members, and actively encourage new British business into the Japanese market as well as Japanese investment into the UK.

About The Overseas Business Networks Initiative (OBNI)

Launched in late 2012 by the Prime Minister, the Overseas Business Networks Initiative (OBNI) aims to transform the support available for British SMEs seeking to do business in high-growth, hard-to-access markets across the world. It is a crucial part of the drive to double the UK’s annual exports to £ 1 trillion and to increase the number of UK exporters by 100,000 by 2020.

The UK needs more businesses to export and existing exporters to explore opportunities in new markets. The OBNI responds to this challenge by strengthening the capability of the UK’s global business-to-business support network.

The Initiative brings together overseas British Chambers of Commerce and Business Groups in 41 markets worldwide -facilitated and led by a partnership of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). 










ロード・リビングストン大臣は、「英国政府は、輸出額を2020年に1兆ポンドまで拡大することを目標としています。Overseas Business Networks Initiativeは、この野心的な大志の実現を支援する官民パートナーシップです。BCCJが新たなグループとしてこのイニシアティブに参加したことを嬉しく思い、2020年の目標に向かって協力することを楽しみにしています。」と述べています。

ロード・リビングストン大臣は、「BCCJが新たなグループとしてOverseas Business Networks Initiativeに参加したことを嬉しく思います。このイニシアティブは、日本でビジネスを行いたい英国企業に支援を提供する重要な役割を担います。」と述べています。




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Overseas Business Networks Initiative(OBNI)について

首相によって2012年末に始動したOverseas Business Networks Initiative(OBNI)は、世界中の高成長するアクセスが困難な市場で事業展開を求める英国の中小企業が利用できるサポートを変革することを目指しています。これは、2020年までに英国の年間輸出額を1兆ポンドに倍増させ、英国の輸出業者を10万社に増やす目標にとって重要な要素です。

英国は、より多くのビジネスの輸出や、既存の輸出業者が新しい市場での機会を探索することを必要とします。この問題に対応すべく、 OBNIは英国の世界的な企業間支援ネットワークの機能を強化します。