BCCJ members join cycle challenge for Tohoku

Written by BCCJ
May 14, 2014

Written by BCCJ
May 14, 2014


BCCJ members will ride 465km to raise money for a Tohoku charity.

The Knights in White Lycra, which includes BCCJ members, will cycle from Tokyo to Minamisanriku in three days.

They are raising money for OGA’s Green Farmers Association, an NPO which is working to rebuild the agricultural industry in Minamisanriku, and which was supported by the BCCJ’s B2B initiative in 2011.

The group have been training along the Arakawa and Tamagawa rivers in preparation for the epic ride.

Last year they completed a 330km sponsored ride to Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture, last year.

The cyclists will set off tomorrow (May 15th).

For more information and to donate visit the OGA website.

List of riders:

Andrew Abbey, British, Platinum Training

Jason Beale, Australian, Nomura

Simon Bird, British, En World Japan

Stephen Bushby, British, Bloomberg

Tony Collins, British, IFG Asia

Sean Cunial, Australian, Coca Cola

Nigel Dowdell, British, Gumption Ltd

Paul Jones, Australian, Asian Sourcing Link

David Burger, Ogilvy Japan

Jacob Koenig, American, Goldman Sachs

Kazuma Miyake, Japanese, Nalsima Frend

Andrew Pankhurst, Australian, Goldman Sachs

Nick Rees, British, Talent 2

David Runacres, British, Reuters

Salvatore Salvino, American, Reuters

Ian Smith, British, Thermo Fisher Scientific

John Stanton, British, BAT

Paul Taylor, British, BEO Corporation

Richard Williams, British, Reuters

Rob Williams, British, IFG Asia

Dan Wood, British, DHL